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( In order for us to give our customers the best cleaning prices, We only send one driver for pick up and delivery, our driver picks up the rugs rolled and drops them off but if you need our driver to help you roll the rug up or help roll the rug out please let us know when you make a booking with Bobs!)
Please Note:
  • Pick up & Delivery Services are Free in the Charlotte NC Area ( 5 Mile Radius)
  • Required $400 Minimum Order For Free Pick up & Delivery ( 5 Mile Radius)
  • This Dose Not Include Free Pick up & Delivery For Repairs (Only Cleaning)
  • If You Are Further than the 5 mile radius There will be a pick up and delivery fee depending on your order
  • Please provide the size of all rug(s) due for service 
  • Please contact us prior to schedule for special requests
  • Please note that when you book a time it will take a 2 hour window. for example if you book a appointment at (10 am) it will be (10 am-12pm).
Thank You
  • Affordable, effective rug cleaning for cheap, and machine made rugs

    1 hr

    $2.50 Per Square Ft
  • Bring your dirty rugs back to life with our thorough our double sided ...

    2 hr 30 min

    $3.00 Per Sq Ft
  • Say goodbye to pet odors and hello to fresh, clean rugs

    2 hr 30 min

    $3.50 Per Square Ft.
  • Say goodbye to stains with our expert cleaning services

    3 hr

    $4.50 Per Square Ft.
  • Revive your rugs with Bob's expert repairs

    10 hr

    Consultation Needed
  • Eliminate stains for good with Bob's

    8 hr

    Prices vairy
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