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Bob's Resizing Process

Our rug resizing service is designed to accommodate all types of rugs, each requiring a different approach for optimal results. Whether you have a delicate antique rug or a modern synthetic one, we can tailor our resizing methods to meet your specific needs. To get started, simply tell us the current size of your rug and the size you would like it to be. Please contact us by calling or texting 704-905-3200 with a few photos of your rug. We’ll provide comprehensive information and guide you through the resizing process.

Step-by-Step Rug Resizing Process

Step 1: Initial Contact

Step 2: Review and Quotation

Step 3: Scheduling Pickup or Drop-off

Text us pictures of your rug, along with its current dimensions and the desired size you want it resized to. You can reach us at 704-905-3200. This initial information helps us assess your needs before proceeding.

Once we receive your information, we'll evaluate the pictures and details provided. We will then inform you about the different resizing options suitable for your rug, offering a quote for each option. We'll explain these options thoroughly to help you make an informed decision.

After you select your preferred resizing option, we'll arrange a time for you to drop off your rug or for us to pick it up, if you are located in the Charlotte, Matthews, or Waxhaw area. This step ensures that we manage the resizing process efficiently and conveniently for you.

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