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Double Sided Cleaning

Our double-sided cleaning is perfect for rugs that haven't been cleaned in 3-5 years!

  • 2 hours
  • $3.00 Per Sq Ft
  • Our Wearhouse

Service Description

Double-sided cleaning stands out as a meticulous and highly effective approach to rejuvenate your rugs. At Bob's Oriental Rugs, our process begins with a delicate yet thorough hand cleaning of the rug's front using organic shampoo. This crucial first step ensures the removal of surface dirt and debris, employing specially formulated oriental rug shampoo to penetrate and lift grime from the rug's fibers, revitalizing its appearance and feel. But the advantage of our double-sided cleaning extends further. Once the front is immaculately cleaned, we carefully turn the rug over to address the back, applying the same rigorous cleaning procedure. This comprehensive method guarantees a deep cleanse throughout, leaving no side unattended and ensuring the rug is thoroughly renewed. This service is particularly beneficial for rugs that have accumulated significant dirt or have been overlooked for cleaning over the last 3-4 years. Whether your rug has endured extensive use or has been long neglected, opting for double-sided cleaning is your optimal solution to restore its original splendor. For a deeply cleansed, rejuvenated rug, double-sided cleaning by Bob's Oriental Rugs is your go-to choice.

Contact Details

+ (704) 905-3200

Charlotte NC 6420 Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC, USA

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