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Rug Cleaning

Hello, and welcome to Bobs Oriental Rugs, where we take great pride in our customer service, rug cleaning, and repair services. We enjoy it when our customers are aware of the benefits of choosing our company. We Would Like To Describe The Four Necessary And Vital Steps Involved In Our Cleaning. Before cleaning, we always inspect the rug and advise the customer of any important details. We use Oriental rug shampoo, thus during cleaning and drying, we do not use any chemicals that could be hazardous to our clients or their pets. Second, we always soak your rug in 2 to 3 inches of water to soften the wool so that it feels comfortable in your home. We then Deep clean your rug by hand.  Therefore, we have complete control over your rug and can clean every inch of it with care, as opposed to cleaning your rug with automatic machines, which almost always puts your rug at risk of becoming damaged. In addition, we provide customers with images of their rug's cleaning and drying progress so that they are aware of the rug's location throughout the procedure. After we have thoroughly deep-cleaned every inch of your rug, we extract the majority of the water. Only then do we move on to the Natural Sunlight drying, which has many benefits for your rug. For instance, the sun is a natural and effective deodorizer. The sunlight also promotes helping the foundation of your rug, thereby extending its lifespan. The sunlight also allows your rug's original colors to burst and stand out, which is not the case when using a conventional fan for complete drying. We sun-dry your rug daily from dawn till night, and at night, we continue with indoor drying.

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Natural Sunlight Drying

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