Professional Rug Cleaning

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​​We Clean Your Rugs by hand and care with organic shampoo which takes about 7-10 days because we dry with Natural Sunlight Click to see our process.
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All of our work is done by hand. Proving the best Rug Cleaning in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. We ONLY use organic shampoo for our cleaning.Finishing with our patented NATURAL SUNLIGHT +INDOOR Drying 

Step 1:

We soak your rug in 1 to 2 inches of water so it can loosen the wool thus the wool with become softer 

Step 2:

We deep clean your rug with organic shampoo and clean by hand so we can get to every part of your rug

Step 3:

After the cleaning your rug goes to the natural sunlight drying process which takes about 3 to 5 days 


Your rug is now ready to go 

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Drop Off Location 1: 

6420 Rea Rd. 

Charlotte, NC 28277

Drop Off Location 2: 

7845 Colony Rd.  

Charlotte, NC 28226