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Expert Rug Repair Services at Bob's Oriental Rugs

At Bob's Oriental Rugs, we understand that each rug tells a story, woven through years of tradition, craftsmanship, and personal memories. Our dedicated repair services are designed to preserve and restore the beauty and integrity of your cherished rugs. From antique heirlooms to contemporary pieces, our skilled artisans employ a blend of traditional techniques and modern precision to address a wide range of repair needs. Below, we detail the types of repairs we specialize in, showcasing our commitment to maintaining the artistry and value of your rugs.

Fringe Repair

Fringes often encounter the most wear and tear, significantly affecting a rug's appearance and structural integrity. This is commonly due to vacuuming, which can pull and fray the delicate fringe edges over time. Our experts meticulously restore or replace fringes, matching the original style and material to enhance the rug's overall appearance. The extent of fringe damage will dictate the repair approach and associated costs. It's important to note that when these rugs are manufactured or created, most do not come with fringe securing, an additional option we offer at Bob's Oriental Rugs. Securing acts like a protective wall between the fringe and the wool of the rug, safeguarding the fringes from damage and extending the life of the rug. This preventive measure is highly recommended to maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity of your cherished rugs.

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Rug Edge Binding and Serging

Edge binding and serging are crucial for protecting the edges of your rug from unraveling or fraying. This process not only extends the life of your rug but also maintains its aesthetic appeal. The length of the edges requiring treatment and the choice of materials impact the overall cost. include ''bonding''

Foundation Repair

The foundation is crucial to a rug's durability. Addressing issues with the rug's core structure ensures it remains robust and intact. Foundation repair can be complex, depending on the degree of damage and the rug's construction, influencing the repair strategy and price.

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Restoration and Dyeing

Fading or color loss can significantly detract from a rug's beauty. Our color restoration and dyeing techniques are meticulously crafted to closely match the original dye methods, reviving your rug's vibrant hues with up to 90% accuracy of the original dye color. The selection of specific dyes required and the size of the rug are key factors that will influence the cost of restoration, ensuring a precise and respectful rejuvenation of your cherished piece.

Pet Damage Repair

We love pets as much as you do, but we know they can sometimes leave their mark on our cherished rugs, from chewing and scratching to the occasional stain. That's why we offer comprehensive repairs to lovingly restore your rug to its pre-pet adventure state. The nature and extent of the pet-induced artwork will guide our repair process and the associated costs, ensuring your rug returns to you as vibrant and inviting as ever, ready for more happy moments with your furry friends.


Moth Damage Repair

Moths can severely damage rugs, especially those made from natural fibers. Our reweaving process for affected areas is thorough, ensuring the repair blends flawlessly with the existing material. The cost of moth damage repair varies depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the area needing reweaving.


At Bob's Oriental Rugs, we offer a simple rug resizing service. This means we can adjust your rug's size to better fit a certain space or remove parts that are worn out or damaged. We carefully ensure that your rug still looks great and fits well in its new spot. Our team pays close attention to maintaining the rug's design throughout the resizing process. Whether you need to make your rug smaller or just trim away some parts, we're here to help it fit perfectly in your home.


Patch Option

Patching is an affordable option for repairing rugs that are not very expensive or when the budget is limited. It's especially useful for rugs with missing wool or damaged areas, offering a practical solution to restore them without a high cost.

Conclusion: Tailored Repair Solutions for Every Rug

At Bob's Oriental Rugs, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of repair services designed to address the unique needs of all types of rugs. From traditional Oriental heirlooms to contemporary pieces, our expert team is equipped to restore your rug's beauty and functionality. However, we understand that the value of a rug is not solely in its material but in its meaning and place in your home. That's why we carefully evaluate each rug before recommending a repair plan, ensuring that the cost of repair justifies the rug's value and sentimental significance.

We believe in transparent communication and will only recommend repairs if they are truly worth undertaking. In cases where the repair costs might exceed the rug's value, we'll provide honest advice and alternative solutions. Our commitment is to the longevity and preservation of your cherished rugs, ensuring they continue to enrich your home with their beauty and history.

Trust Bob's Oriental Rugs for all your rug repair needs, where every stitch and repair is done with care, ensuring your rugs remain a valuable part of your home for years to come.

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