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Welcome To Bobs Oriental Rugs

We bring your rug to it's original quality and condition with decades expertise and experience. Every wash is catered specifically to the materials, make, and age of your rug. 

The best quality at the best prices. Schedule today. 

Our professional rug cleaning completely eliminates all odors caused by accidents, dust/debris, pets, spills, and more. 

Since its founding, Bob's Oriental Rug's has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

Stains ruin the look and appeal of an otherwise beautiful rug. Our expert cleaners can remove any stain without damaging your rug and preserving it's quality. Every stain removal is thoroughly examined by our experts and color matched to perfection. 


The most important step of cleaning any rug is the drying process. We are proud to use our signature "Natural Sunlight Drying" to finish the cleaning of every rug. This time proven process restores vibrancy to the colors and fabrics of your rug while eliminating all the mildew and micro-bacteria that would otherwise be missed causing odors and damage

Make your rug fit any room or specification with precise professional resizing. Our experts examine and resize your rug to insure matching designs creating a look that is true to the original. We have the expertise to work on rugs of all makes and quality.